Are you feeling?

  • Worried about serious health issues like diabetes, heart condition or stroke?
  • Motivated to wear that outfit you have always wanted to wear without feeling bad about yourself?
  • Lacking motivation to kick start those personal goals and aspirations?
  • Uncomfortable exercising in a public setting?
  • Want specific goals you cant achieve alone?

With personal training 1on1 you will work closely with one of our professional personal trainers in a private environment.

To start with you will sit down with your trainer for an initial assessment which will include:
  • Structured planning to achieve your specific health & fitness goals
  • A look into your current diatery intake, exercise regime
  • Fitness testing & measurements to see your current fitness level and to be used for future comparison towards achieving your goals/targets
  • Set up regimes to complete outside of your personal training sessions e.g. (at home fitness session, runs, walks etc)

Another huge benefit about having a personal trainer is you wont do the same thing every session so this eradicates boredom from your exercise and gets you used to having alot of variety in your training schedule. Its very easy if your a gym member to wake up and think "ahh its too cold or ahh i wont go today" but having personal training appointments booked in helps to increase motivation so you are scheduled to exercise, and meet with someone who is there to achieve your goals/targets every step of the way.

Book in with one of our personal trainers today to kick start your fitness journey and get ON TRACK!!