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 Welcome To On Track Fitness, Ballarat's leading gym located in the heart of Ballarat. Our 2 Level Sturt street venue is ideal for anyone looking at getting their "life on track". Our professional staff and down to earth approach make for a relaxed environment while keeping you on track. 

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A combination of High-Intensity interval Training(HIIT), Circuit Training and Functional Training. The fusion of interval, cardiovascular and strength training is one of the most effective workout methods for burning fat and building lean muscle in 50 min

Days & Times Tuesday 6pm & Friday 6am

2019 - 1st round  June  4 - 28

                      - 2nd round  July 16 - Aug 9 

                                - 3rd round  Aug 27 - Sept 20 


 Fast Track Cert IV in Fitness. Our next scheduled course starts June 28th 2019

(Limited numbers)